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Current Australian and International research shows a treatment program using an enuresis alarm is the most effective. The Awakedry treatment program leads to a cure in over 90% of children and adolescents treated.

Significant advantages of the Awakedry treatment program are that it is both drug free and curative. 

Rarely, where treatment resistance to enuresis alarms is encountered your physician may prescribe medication such as Minirin® desmopressin acetate. Tofranil®, imipramine, is rarely used these days due to unwanted side effects and the drugs lethality if overdose occurs. Understandably, many parents have serious reservations about commencing their children on long term drug therapy.

Awakedry focuses on working with both the child and the parents throughout the treatment program. Once dryness is achieved the child is delighted and the parents cannot believe the difference to their sleep, workload and money. 


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